Alessandro Castellani

My latest project was inspired by intimate conversations I had with female friends in London where I have lived for 14 years.

I spoke to them about how the beauty industry has placed  them but I wanted to understand more.  

These conversations compelled me to make a project to celebrate these women, to showcase their beauty and encourage more women to feel confident and self assured.

I decided to focus on breasts. Why? Because female breasts are a sign of nurturing, beauty, sexuality and power.  Women in the UK alone undergo around 25,000 cosmetic surgery procedures every year , the most common of which is breast enlargement, with around 7,000 operations carried out yearly.

With these portraits I want to confront the idea that women have to change their looks to feel attractive. The interviews that accompany these images are just as important as the way in which each woman has presented herself. Make up free, proud and confronting the viewer.

I hope this series can encourage us to consider where these ideals have come from and how we can change them

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